Hacking Managebac a.k.a. pro-tips for PYP

Managing units of inquiry is easily a full time job, I do it daily 😀. I will publish some of my favorite solutions, interpretations, or plain old hacks in these series, so stay tuned for some awesomeness! I will also make short video tutorials to go along these articles.

My first hack isn’t a pretty one. As I already mentioned, managing units is very important. Unfortunately we currently can’t organize or tag our units in any way to indicate teaching order, publication time or number of revisions. My crude solution:

Naming conventions
Naming units in Managebac saves time

Is to add the current academic year and unit order number right before the unit title, thus enabling me to see with only one glance which units are are up-to-date and which is the teaching order!

I hope you liked my first pro tip, please leave a comment or ask a question and I will happily help out!