EdCampBKK Experience

What else would a life long learner do on a first day of his holiday? Join edcamp of course!

I was involved with these sessions

I was very excited to get see so many familiar faces and of course meeting new ones. I do like these opportunities to meet people who I usually only see online in person as well.

I braved myself to lead a session, of course about my favorite new passion: minecraftedu. I was lucky enough to attract some participants and had a really nice chat about studentvoice/leadership opportunities. 

For my second session I teamed up with Ben and Tabitha. Tabitha is a fellow Seesaw Ambassador and we shared how our classes and schools utilize and learn with this highly motivating tool. Seeing how others innovate and create is always the best way for me to get excited about what I am doing with my students and it drives me forward: always Improving!

It was great meeting with like-minded teachers and knowledgeable superstars that invigorated my holiday plans. I will publish some more posts and finish a couple of video projects with all this new energy that I got from you all. Thank you!