How-To: Using Seesaw for Conferences

Using Seesaw during student-led conferences

Student-led conferences are a great opportunity to introduce the versatility of Seesaw to staff, students, and parents1

Here are the links for you to prepare your students and your Seesaw portfolio for the upcoming Student Led Conferences.



If you are interested in including your students in parent-teacher conference conversations, check out this wonderful step-by-step guide written by Seesaw Ambassador Andrea Birzer.

In addition to these fine tips you might want to consider:

  • use Seesaw to make their thinking visible and heard; You can use wonderful Activities from the Seesaw Library: Reflect on the Past Year
    Share favorite memories and key moments from the past school year.

  • a conference time is a great learning experience for the whole family – let’s use Seesaw to document and reflect on it
  • use Seesaw to support agentic learning by facilitating for forethought – building anticipation and criteria for reflection by
    • setting goals
    • action steps
    • planning the centers
Conferences with Seesaw. Seesaw. Accessed May 16, 2018.