Google Classroom Tips and Tricks

Another creative way to use Google Classroom:

Create, Curate, Collaborate and Connect

Create – Use the wide variety of Google apps for education tools to inspire yourself and your students to create, research, analyze, and synthesize. Check this list over here:

Curate – Third party apps that connect with Google Classroom allow you to easily curate learning experiences through Google Classroom. I often use Khan Academy, GoFormative, and Classcraft. These all support importing your student from Classroom and also allow you to export assignments directly into your class stream. You can find more apps from this amazing post

Collaborate – Google Classroom allows students to dynamically to collaborate with their peers; both locally and globally.  Make sure you subscribe Alice Keeler’s wonderful blog to get the latest personalized PD! 

Connect – Join Google + communities that are specialized into Mystery Hangouts and connecting students through Google Hangouts and